All Christians Are Hypocrites

samandniaSam and Nia Rader are perhaps most recognizable as the couple behind the viral video where the husband announces to his wife that she’s pregnant. This launched them into the public spotlight in such a way that they’ve now been able to vlog on YouTube full time.

Oh, and did I mention? They are very outspoken Christians and use their channel to share the reality of their daily faith.

Yesterday, it came to light that Sam had a paid Ashley Madison account, and the critics have blasted them for being hypocrites. Despite the video they posted explaining the mistake, the reconciliation, and the forgiveness involved in this bad decision, no doubt there will be those that will brand this couple and their “Christianity” as hypocritical for all eternity.

First, I want to talk about what hypocrisy means. Hypocrisy is, according to Google’s definition, “the practice of claiming to have…

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