The mission of Baptist Spirituality is to discern–through writing, poetry, and other creative avenues–the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of individuals, congregations, culture, and the world.

Joe LaGuardia, D.Min., is a senior pastor in Florida.  His articles have appeared in the Rockdale CitizenUSA Today, Desert Call: Journal of Spirituality,  EthicsDaily.com, and Christian Ethics Today. 

He is author of three books, most recently A Whispering Call: Essays on Sacred Scripture and the First Testament.

Learn more about Joe’s ministry at www.joelaguardia.com, or contact Joe at: joe@joelaguardia.com.

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  1. I hate to bother you about this since I don’t know you, but I had to tell you that Lottie Moon was a missionary herself, not a missionary’s wife. If she was “just” a wife she could not have done most of what she did. Apparently then it was like I was told in the late 1950’s when I asked about missionary service: A woman could go as a missionary (single woman) or if married as the “missionary’s wife”. I’m sure wives did a lot when they got there, but they were not considered “real” missionaries by those running things.

    There is a recent, excellent book about her by Regina Sullivan (Lottie Moon:A Southern Baptist missionary to China in history and legend) you might want to read. I see that the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library system near you has it, but if you can’t access their collection there’s always interlibrary loan.

    1. Thank you for the correction! You are correct; she wasn’t married–I think I read somewhere that she spent time with the wives of missionaries and chose not to dress like they did! Thanks again for the sharp eye!

      I deleted the sentence. This post also ran for Ethics Daily, so I submitted a correction to them as well.

      Blessings, JVL

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  3. May I have permission to copy and print an article for discussion in my class? I will attribute the work and the author and website.

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