Period, End Of Sentence: Why Writers Should Go for Some Old-Fashioned Writing

University 101

Getting in touch with our inner Ernest Hemingway is a creative and healthy way back to our writing roots. Practicing classic writing habits and methods the greats once used will help you realize why they were as such.



The old ones are hard to come by but thanks to the interweb you can get one of your own! It is one of the quintessential tools of early writing.

They’re sleek, simple, and scream professional. Writing career got you broke? Same. Well, there’s even a typewriter app.

The *click click click, ding* of a typewriter is a satisfying sound we only hear in Californication (thank you, Hank Moody).

Always Carry a Pen or Pencil


Back in the days of Yore when smartphones didn’t exist, writers used a writing utensil to jot down their ideas or strokes of genius.

How many golden thoughts disappear into your brains’ filing cabinet…

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I am a pastor and author in Vero Beach, Florida, and write on issues related to spirituality, faith, politics, and culture.

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