Conflict and a Parting of Ways in the Church

By Joe LaGuardia Being Christ’s Church is no easy task.  As far back as the New Testament, churches have been dealing with weighty matters from Bible interpretation to theological wrangling so much that we should not be surprised when some churches fight and split. Scripture provides us with a blueprint for how to manage conflictsContinue reading “Conflict and a Parting of Ways in the Church”

A Costly Christmas: Surrender as a New Year’s Resolution

I like easy Christmases.  You know, a Christmas with little or no fanfare–simple Christmases with few bumps and issues. I knew trouble was on its way when I found out on Christmas Eve that a lasagna I was baking was the main entree for that evening’s supper. To have it as the main course put undo pressureContinue reading “A Costly Christmas: Surrender as a New Year’s Resolution”