David can teach us how to confront bullying in the workplace

These days, no one is immune to the consequences of economic hardships.  Even people who have a steady job feel the strain of rising food and energy costs and stress rendered from unemployment, underemployment, and overemployment. With stress so widespread, bullying in the workplace is also on the rise.  According to some statistics, nearly fourContinue reading “David can teach us how to confront bullying in the workplace”

Facebook, Social Networking has its downsides

Online social networks such as Facebook are fantastic tools in building community. Just last week, I befriended an old chum from elementary school whom I have not seen since, well, elementary school. Before this technology existed, I would not even consider finding such long-lost pals. Now I can do it at the stroke of aContinue reading “Facebook, Social Networking has its downsides”