Jesus, “Lamb of God”

In the third chapter of John’s gospel, John recognizes Jesus as the Messiah. John, in ecstatic praise, twice announces that Jesus is none other than the “Lamb of God” (John 1:29, 36). The title, “Lamb of God,” was not a familiar, well-worn title back then.  It was more the stuff of prophetic poetry than commonContinue reading “Jesus, “Lamb of God””

The New Year is an opportunity for conversion

The New Year is an opportunity to make resolutions.  Perhaps for many of us, however, resolutions may not be enough; we may need an actual conversion experience. There is a fourth-century story told of two monks in the Egyptian desert.  One monk came to the other for advice: “Father Joseph,” the monk said, “According asContinue reading “The New Year is an opportunity for conversion”