Keeping Promises is a Biblical Mandate

One of the worst human tragedies a person can face is a broken promise. I see the consequences of broken promises among some of the folks with whom I work. A family member will make a promise — usually to spend quality time with someone — and the time never comes to pass. I seeContinue reading “Keeping Promises is a Biblical Mandate”

Epiphanies create transformative events of self-awareness

Have you ever had an epiphany?  An epiphany is an awakening in which a person comes to terms with a new perspective on life.  In church, we often speak of revelation—God’s self-disclosure to humanity in history—but very rarely do we speak of epiphany. Epiphany has to do with illumination, a sudden inner-realization that becomes aContinue reading “Epiphanies create transformative events of self-awareness”