Coloring Books in Cutting Edge Adult Spirituality

By Joe LaGuardia Every Wednesday at Trinity, an intergenerational group uses the church’s art studio at the church to paint, sketch, play card games, and fellowship.  I visit every now and then, sometimes joining in the fun or crafting a bulletin for a special service. One time, however, I was caught off guard.  When I arrived,Continue reading “Coloring Books in Cutting Edge Adult Spirituality”

Reading Challenge 2016: A Resolution for Bibliophiles….

By Joe LaGuardia I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions.  In fact, I avoid making them because I know I’m going to break them.  This season, however, something caught my eye on social media that I could not resist: the “2016 Reading Challenge.” I do not know its source, but it demands that participants read aContinue reading “Reading Challenge 2016: A Resolution for Bibliophiles….”