Redefining Christian Witness

“We are against Halloween,” one minister recently told me.  This is a common response I get from folks in the church.  That, and:  “We are against homosexuals, abortion, environmentalists, liberals, social-gospel types, postmodernists, illegal immigrants, people-who-worship-like-that, health-care reform, and redistribution.”  As some Christians follow in the footsteps of partisan politicians, it remains an easy habitContinue reading “Redefining Christian Witness”

Hospitality is a much-needed spiritual discipline in churches

With many people never darkening the doors of churches these days, it is becoming important to reinvest in hospitality as a spiritual discipline in the life of our congregations in order to reach out to those who have yet to visit. Hospitality is the biblical and theological discipline in which we welcome people–strange, friend, foe,Continue reading “Hospitality is a much-needed spiritual discipline in churches”