The Ten Commandments for Welcoming Guests to Church

By Joe LaGuardia Church consultants and pastors have spilled much ink regarding how churches should welcome guests.  There is a reason for that: Churches, from veteran churches to church-starts, need to learn how to greet guests and be the welcoming community Christ calls us to be. You may be surprised to know that this doesContinue reading “The Ten Commandments for Welcoming Guests to Church”

Relationships and the sacred space we share

I hear the cliche all of the time: “We are a welcoming church.” No church thinks that they are not welcoming and, no matter the denomination, each one boasts,”All are invited,” on the marquee. But I know of a test that truly determines whether this is true: The “Pew Test.” It is very simple: If a guest comes to yourContinue reading “Relationships and the sacred space we share”