Song of Solomon: Scripture that makes you squirm

I can’t pinpoint any one embarrassing moment in my life, but I can say with all confidence that attending the movies with my parents was a comprehensive experiment in the art of embarrassment. Whenever a bad word was uttered, my father would groan like a frog.  I always thought it brought more attention than theContinue reading “Song of Solomon: Scripture that makes you squirm”

What good is a cold, distant and useless God?

The most recent film from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan is based on a folktale in which the devil roams the earth in order to collect the souls of sinners unsaved.  The movie, “Devil,” is a thriller about five individuals  (one of whom is the devil incarnate) stuck on an elevator. As each personContinue reading “What good is a cold, distant and useless God?”