Faith in the Shadows: A Sermon on Matthew 2

Text: Matthew 2:1-18 (focus on vv. 13-18) I. I received a letter from a good friend a few days after Christmas.  He wrote it on Christmas Eve, so I was humbled and honored that he would think of me on that very special holiday night. He told me about things that were new, about his girlfriend, andContinue reading “Faith in the Shadows: A Sermon on Matthew 2”

Simplicity: Ingalls Style

The other day, my daughter was wearing the only ankle-length skirt she owns.  I love that skirt. Whenever she wears it, I call her Laura Ingalls.  You know–the Laura Ingalls from the 1970s TV show, “The Little House on the Prairie”? The last time I called her Laura Ingalls, it hit me: She has noContinue reading “Simplicity: Ingalls Style”