Pursue peace with everyone, even people you dislike

Be honest: There are people whom you don’t like. There are others who simply annoy you, or maybe there are those who really get on your nerves. All of us have come across people we don’t get along with. We try to do our best to behave well. We are nice and say the thingsContinue reading “Pursue peace with everyone, even people you dislike”

Just-War, Peace, and Lingering In Afghanistan

Our government is in the process of making some tough decisions about the war in Afghanistan.   There are several ideas on how to deal with a country riddled with tribal conflicts and pervasive instability.  One idea is to send more troops—as many troops as nearly half of Rockdale County’s population.   With that many troops embarkingContinue reading “Just-War, Peace, and Lingering In Afghanistan”