Seeking Commitment in a “No Strings Attached” Society

In the film, No Strings Attached, friends Emma (Natalie Portman) and Adam (Ashton Kutcher) hook up in what is commonly called a “friends with benefits” relationship (Beware: spoilers ahead!).  Basically, a friend with benefits is one that offers sexual intimacy without any obligations or commitments. In the film, Emma is the high-powered professional who setsContinue reading “Seeking Commitment in a “No Strings Attached” Society”

What Mary teaches us about Advent

In one of the holiest places in Rockdale County–the crypt chapel at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit–hangs a lone icon of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. In the silence of that little room, these two striking figures give visitors a serene look filled with the quiet fortitude required for the Christian life. WhenContinue reading “What Mary teaches us about Advent”