Who is voting for Trump, Clinton–a new Barna update

The Barna research group assessed various theological and faith-based segments of the population and grouped them into voting blocs.  For an interesting, yet timely read, follow the link below… [Curated] “The Faith and Ideology of Trump and Clinton Supporters” The battle for the presidency has produced a tight race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.Continue reading “Who is voting for Trump, Clinton–a new Barna update”

Civility in the Public Square

By Joe LaGuardia Now that another presidential election season is upon us, we need to remember the importance of civility in the public square.  No matter where we stand on a political, social, or cultural issue, God calls us to be kind and respectful. Civility is a rare commodity during an election year.  We whoContinue reading “Civility in the Public Square”