God’s gift of abundance

Text: Luke 20:45 – 21:6 I. Bob Hope once joked about a minister who was on a plane.   The plane had an issue, and it started to go down.  The people panicked and pleaded with the minister to do something religious.  So he did: he took up a collection. Every Thanksliving we get some SundaysContinue reading “God’s gift of abundance”

“Jesus Card” is a Christian’s ace in the deck

By guest contributor, Matt Cook Back in February, I read about an unfortunate situation that occurred in Arizona. A pastor of a large congregation visited a local Applebees one night after church. With a large crowd in attendance, the store automatically charged an 18% gratuity as most restaurants do. When the pastor saw the gratuity,Continue reading ““Jesus Card” is a Christian’s ace in the deck”