Thanksgiving Reflection: The Fragility of Life and Gratitude

By Joe LaGuardia – A Thanksgiving reflection. Reflecting on the fragility of life and the significance of gratitude, the poet of Psalm 39 wrote, “Hear my prayer, O Lord . . . for I am your passing guest, a sojourner, like my ancestors” (v. 12). This author is not alone in facing the finality ofContinue reading “Thanksgiving Reflection: The Fragility of Life and Gratitude”

Gratitude for so Great a Cloud of Witnesses

By Matt Sapp Have you ever noticed how the right people end up in the right place at the right time in your life?  Every so often I stop to count my blessings, and one of God’s greatest blessings is each person God has put in my life. According to the writer of Hebrews, weContinue reading “Gratitude for so Great a Cloud of Witnesses”