Prop 8 fanfare loses sight of the people involved

Just when I thought politics could not get any more heated, federal judge Vaughn Walker overturned Prop 8 in California. The decision claims that laws barring same-sex marriage infringed on rights guaranteed in the fourteenth amendment. Certainly, we have not heard the last of this legal battle in which the marriages (or lack thereof) ofContinue reading “Prop 8 fanfare loses sight of the people involved”

Empathy matters in the high court of the heart

Be ready for the next big political showdown. As Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens prepares to resign from the highest court in the nation, politicians, the president and pundits will debate who will replace him. No doubt, in today‚Äôs political climate, it will be an arduous road. Usually justice candidates fall in one ofContinue reading “Empathy matters in the high court of the heart”