The death of revivalism in Baptist life? (part 3)

Penn State sociologist, Philip Jenkins, claims that Christian revivalism is spreading like wild-fire in South America, Africa, and Asia.  In these places, collectively known as the “Global South,” churches are growing exponentially.  Contrast this with North America and Europe, where revivalism is, according to one noted Baptist historian, on “life support.” Over the past severalContinue reading “The death of revivalism in Baptist life? (part 3)”

Halloween can help a child’s faith development

I’m probably one of only a handful of Baptist ministers that you’ll ever meet who actually considers Halloween a favorite holiday.  Every year, I look forward to reliving the wonderfully rich memories of my childhood by invoking all of the imaginary and fantastic surrealism that comes with the season: trick or treating, decorating the houseContinue reading “Halloween can help a child’s faith development”