Easter Justice and a thirst for righteousness

  One of last things Jesus said before he died on the cross was, “I thirst.”  It is hard to imagine the very Savior who promised a woman by the well (John 4) everlasting water being thirsty, but he was.  Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to this illusive Easter text. We live in aContinue reading “Easter Justice and a thirst for righteousness”

How to give, where to give: An exercise in Generosity

Over the past few years, I have been solicited by friends who are on the mission field.  These days, denominations do not fully fund missionaries, so many who are called to spread God’s Word rely on individual support. Although there is a debate about tithing in church, there is no doubt that giving is aContinue reading “How to give, where to give: An exercise in Generosity”