Abstinence as a Rite of Passage

By Joe LaGuardia There is something to be said about the importance of rites of passage in a person’s growth and development.   A rite of passage is the act of crossing a threshold–traditionally going from adolescence to adulthood–by way of ritual, self-sacrifice, crisis, or sacrament. As such, most rites of passage require some senseContinue reading “Abstinence as a Rite of Passage”

Song of Solomon: Scripture that makes you squirm

I can’t pinpoint any one embarrassing moment in my life, but I can say with all confidence that attending the movies with my parents was a comprehensive experiment in the art of embarrassment. Whenever a bad word was uttered, my father would groan like a frog.  I always thought it brought more attention than theContinue reading “Song of Solomon: Scripture that makes you squirm”