Relationships and the sacred space we share

I hear the cliche all of the time: “We are a welcoming church.” No church thinks that they are not welcoming and, no matter the denomination, each one boasts,”All are invited,” on the marquee. But I know of a test that truly determines whether this is true: The “Pew Test.” It is very simple: If a guest comes to yourContinue reading “Relationships and the sacred space we share”

6 Bedtime routines for Christians

A recent Yahoo News article highlights the bedtime routines of influential leaders.  From President Obama’s late-night security briefings to Stephen King’s obsessive habit of turning the pillows a certain way, it seems that everyone “in the know” has a routine that nurtures success. What about Christians?  We are called to be disciplined, so what routines help us prepareContinue reading “6 Bedtime routines for Christians”