Jesus, “Lamb of God”

In the third chapter of John’s gospel, John recognizes Jesus as the Messiah. John, in ecstatic praise, twice announces that Jesus is none other than the “Lamb of God” (John 1:29, 36). The title, “Lamb of God,” was not a familiar, well-worn title back then.  It was more the stuff of prophetic poetry than commonContinue reading “Jesus, “Lamb of God””

Revelation’s Two Witnesses give rise to Zombie Apocalypse

Last weekend, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that an annual counter-terrorism summit for the military will simulate a zombie attack.  Just in time for Halloween, the plan calls for hundreds of zombie actors to hold a VIP hostage and keep the good guys busy with menacing moans and groans. Although no one really believes that a zombieContinue reading “Revelation’s Two Witnesses give rise to Zombie Apocalypse”