A Pastor’s Reading List for 2019

By Joe LaGuardia I have made it a habit, as other pastors have, of publishing an annual reading list. It is made up of books that we long to read, hope to read, want to read, need to read. I have fun reading the lists of others, and I hope that people have fun readingContinue reading “A Pastor’s Reading List for 2019”

A Reader’s Life (prt. 16): Words that Defy

By Joe LaGuardia A Reading Life is a blog series focused on the literature that has shaped my life and call to ministry. Find the introduction here. The greatness of writing–and the power of a word–is measured by how well that word (and, when I say “word,” I mean it metaphorically as a body ofContinue reading “A Reader’s Life (prt. 16): Words that Defy”