Should President Barack Obama be America’s Pastor-in-Chief?

Every American president has a defining moment that shapes his presidency. Washington had the American revolution; Nixon had Watergate; George W. Bush had 9/11. I would argue that Barack Obama’s defining moment was getting elected as the first African-American president. After eight years of war, an economy in shambles, and deep partisan bickering, many peopleContinue reading “Should President Barack Obama be America’s Pastor-in-Chief?”

Presence can make all the difference in one’s spiritual journey

Nearly two months have passed since an historical senate race in Massachusetts afforded a Republican, Scott Brown, a win for the congressional seat long-held by a Democrat. Although Sen. Brown ran a fantastic race to win, it was Democratic contender Martha Coakley’s lack of campaign gusto that helped tip the race in Brown’s favor. WhileContinue reading “Presence can make all the difference in one’s spiritual journey”