Preachers: Thou Shalt Not Steal

By Joe LaGuardia In the movie, The Words, actor Bradley Cooper plays a struggling writer named Rory Jansen.  Like so many amateur authors, Rory is unable to get published, much less noticed. He marries, and while on a honeymoon in France, he stumbles upon an old, unpublished manuscript in an antique shop.  It is a brilliant novel.  Rory rewritesContinue reading “Preachers: Thou Shalt Not Steal”

The death of revivalism in Baptist life? (Part 1)

Revivalism as a movement is on the verge of death.  So argue Baptist historians Bill Leonard and Loyd Allen in a recent issue of “Baptist History and Heritage,” as reported in the Associate Baptist Press. Revivalism, which inspired growth in Protestant denominations throughout America, may not be dead yet; but, in the words of LoydContinue reading “The death of revivalism in Baptist life? (Part 1)”