Creeping Clover teaches us about the Truth of the Gospel

By Orrin Morris “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” The Apostle John quoted this statement when Jesus was confronted with a moral issue, a woman caught in adultery. The Hebrew Law dictated that she was to be stoned to death. Jesus used the occasion to position Himself as theContinue reading “Creeping Clover teaches us about the Truth of the Gospel”

Prayers of the Hopeful

By Joe LaGuardia I enjoy listening to my children pray.  My seven-year old son started praying regularly just this last season of Lent (it was his commitment for Lent in preparation for his baptism come Easter day). His prayers are unlike any I’ve ever heard.  Usually, people start their prayers with, “Lord, we ask…” or “Lord,Continue reading “Prayers of the Hopeful”