A Pastor Appreciates the Hymns: The Shape of Liturgical Action

By Joe LaGuardia A Pastor Appreciates the Hymns is a series on hymnody and worship in the church.  By incorporating personal testimony and theological reflection, the series draws meaning and strength from sacred songs past and present. I fear that some people see hymns only as a nostalgic remnants from the church of yesteryear, that hymnsContinue reading “A Pastor Appreciates the Hymns: The Shape of Liturgical Action”

Paying Attention, minding your miracles

By Joe LaGuardia God is still in the business of miracles, but we are so busy with work, school, and raising families, we forget to stop and pay attention to the many ways that God provides for us. When unemployment figures were high and jobs scarce, many people turned to God for help–seeking him with passion.Continue reading “Paying Attention, minding your miracles”