Easter Justice and a thirst for righteousness

  One of last things Jesus said before he died on the cross was, “I thirst.”  It is hard to imagine the very Savior who promised a woman by the well (John 4) everlasting water being thirsty, but he was.  Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to this illusive Easter text. We live in aContinue reading “Easter Justice and a thirst for righteousness”

Giving Thanks means Giving to Others with Divine Generosity

I’m sure most of my readers know by now that I am a movie nut.  My daughter takes after me; so, now that she is almost eight years old, I thought it appropriate that we watch one of my favorite childhood movies together, “The Neverending Story.” “The Neverending Story” is about a magical kingdom thatContinue reading “Giving Thanks means Giving to Others with Divine Generosity”