Happy 400th Birthday, Baptists!

When I meet people and tell them I am in the ministry, they assume that I am a Catholic priest. My dark complexion and Italian name do not necessarily yell “Baptist,” so when I correct people as to my religious background, they seem taken aback. For me, being Baptist is a mark of honor. TheContinue reading “Happy 400th Birthday, Baptists!”

“Palinization” opens Dialogue about Equality, Dignity

By Joe LaGuardia, with Rev. Nicole Farrar I have seen so much of Sarah Palin in the news over the past several weeks, I feel like I am qualified to be called one of her best friends.  Sarah Palin and her book tour have attracted the attention of almost every media outlet.  My most recentContinue reading ““Palinization” opens Dialogue about Equality, Dignity”