“And your slaves, both men and women…shall prophesy”

[This is the third and final reflection on the Joel text and the Pentecost story in Acts 1-2.] “And your slaves, both men and women slaves . . . shall prophesy.” In the ancient world, there were people who held the top of the social echelon and those who remained at the bottom.  On theContinue reading ““And your slaves, both men and women…shall prophesy””

“And your daughters shall prophesy…”

“And your daughters shall prophesy” (Acts 2). Peter preached this from the prophet Joel because it was on the day of Pentecost that God’s Spirit filled the disciples and set their mouths ablaze with God’s powerful Word. Peter must have learned a thing or two between Easter and Pentecost because only a few short months agoContinue reading ““And your daughters shall prophesy…””