Advent is a time to get excited about Jesus’ birthday!

By this time tomorrow, two of five candles in the Advent wreath sitting on my coffee table will be burning brightly.  Advent, which literally means arrival or coming, is the holy season that unfolds during the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. A candle is lit for every Advent Sunday; a fifth candle—the white “ChristContinue reading “Advent is a time to get excited about Jesus’ birthday!”

Just-War, Peace, and Lingering In Afghanistan

Our government is in the process of making some tough decisions about the war in Afghanistan.   There are several ideas on how to deal with a country riddled with tribal conflicts and pervasive instability.  One idea is to send more troops—as many troops as nearly half of Rockdale County’s population.   With that many troops embarkingContinue reading “Just-War, Peace, and Lingering In Afghanistan”