Being a pastor has its unique…disadvantages

When I heard the call to ministry in my teenage years, I wanted everyone to know that I wanted to be a pastor.  I went to school, got experience, landed a great ministry at a great church, and have done fairly well in living out my calling thus far. It’s odd, then, that years later,Continue reading “Being a pastor has its unique…disadvantages”

Sabbath happens when we reach the end of our words (and worlds)

By Joe LaGuardia “Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8). All that we do Is touched with ocean, yet we remain On the shore of what we know. (Richard Wilbur) I. Words are the most valuable resources we pastors have.  I agree with Walter Brueggemann who wrote that we use words toContinue reading “Sabbath happens when we reach the end of our words (and worlds)”