The Outdoors is for the Birds

By Joe LaGuardia St. Francis of Assisi is not my patron saint. You remember St. Francis? He was the 13th-century monk who preached to all of nature, including animals. He spoke of creation in moving prayers and poetry. He celebrated God’s care over all creation, including Brother Sun and Sister Moon. If you’re interested, youContinue reading “The Outdoors is for the Birds”

Dandelion more than a pest, a delight of God’s goodness

By Orrin Morris In Psalm 65:12, the Psalmist rejoices in the beauty of the natural world God has provided. We can easily apply his words to the beauty we anticipate each year in the coming of spring. The grasslands of the desert overflow; the hills are clothed with gladness.” One of the harbingers of springContinue reading “Dandelion more than a pest, a delight of God’s goodness”