Radical discipleship questions personal and political allegiances

In his bestselling book “Radical,” David Platt encourages readers to engage in radical missions by downsizing, traveling to underdeveloped countries, and risking economic stability for the sake of the Gospel. He argues that one’s search for the “American Dream” can hinder the “downward mobility” Jesus advocates when he tells his followers to “sell all youContinue reading “Radical discipleship questions personal and political allegiances”

Compromise is an important part of leadership, federal budget debate

(This letter was originally submitted to The Rockdale Citizen on May 11, 2011). Dear Editor, On May 10th, Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) unveiled a budget proposal that cuts national spending from 25% of the GDP to 18.5%.   Like other plans, Toomey’s enacts restrictions on entitlement spending and healthcare reform. As I listened to the conference, whatContinue reading “Compromise is an important part of leadership, federal budget debate”