NASCAR prayer calls into question the integrity of public witness

By Rev. Howell Scott, senior pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Alamogordo, NM.  This article originally ran on his blog, From Law to Grace. By now, many have had the opportunity to watch Pastor Joe Nelm’s ”prayer” at last weekend’s Nationwide Federated Auto Parts 300 race in Nashville, TN.  Since his unusual invocation at the July 23 NASCAR event, Helm’s prayerContinue reading “NASCAR prayer calls into question the integrity of public witness”

Boredom can get the best of us sometimes

My daughter is going through a new phase in her life just in time for her sixth birthday. The phase? She gets bored. When my daughter was younger, she was easily entertained. If we went to a doctor’s office or a meeting, or any other place that was not child-friendly, she would find something toContinue reading “Boredom can get the best of us sometimes”