Transformational Lessons of Autumn

By Matt Sapp Six years ago Harvey Cox wrote a book called The Future of Faith.  In it he argues that we are going through a great religious transition from the Age of Belief to the Age of the Spirit.  Generally, he says, contemporary culture is moving from a religiosity governed by particular beliefs about God towardContinue reading “Transformational Lessons of Autumn”

Powerful Bread, powerful wine: Eucharist from a unique Baptist perspective

During communion several Sundays ago, I had a chance to reflect on the Great Recession and recent hardships facing Christ’s Church in North America.  The lousy economy, a growing atheist movement unashamedly spreading the non-gospel of unbelief, waning baptism and attendance records in churches, and weakening denominations confront Christians with various challenges. While the deacons were servingContinue reading “Powerful Bread, powerful wine: Eucharist from a unique Baptist perspective”