Seeing Miracles…Beyond Christmas!

By Joe LaGuardia During our Pastor’s Bible Study last Sunday evening (November 27), someone mentioned that we tend to talk about miracles only around the Christmas season.  We speak of the miracles surrounding Christmas: angels displayed in heavenly praise, heavenly hosts communicating with shepherds and Joseph and Mary, visions for magi, and the greatest miracleContinue reading “Seeing Miracles…Beyond Christmas!”

Bartimaeus: Persistance Pays!

By Joe LaGuardia As we make our way to All Saint’s Day, I have committed two articles to explore minor Bible characters that inspire us to grow closer to the Lord.  Last week I wrote about Titus. This week, we take a close look at Bartimaeus, the blind man whom Jesus healed according to Mark 10:46-52.Continue reading “Bartimaeus: Persistance Pays!”