If this gate could talk…An Easter Reflection

I am the East Gate, and I have seen the trials and triumphs, the misery and the marvel that is the life and times of Jerusalem. I am a proud gate standing sentinel for a proud and holy city. I remember the day I was commemorated too. From the Temple, not a few feet away,Continue reading “If this gate could talk…An Easter Reflection”

The apocalyptic Jesus and the urgency of His return

“Eschatological Central Figure.” That’s what a friend wrote on a picture of Jesus he got me for my bachelor party back in 1999.  “Eschatology”: meaning, end times.  It’s what one of Trinity Baptist’s members would call a “fancy word with too many syllables,” but it’s what Jesus was all about and what we forget inContinue reading “The apocalyptic Jesus and the urgency of His return”