Five Ways to Encourage Children to journal

There is little doubt that keeping a journal has long been considered a spiritual and personal discipline.  Even the Bible have hints of the journal genre–from parts of Jeremiah and Nehemiah and the psalms to first-person accounts in the book of Acts. Christian history is also fraught with examples in which the act of journaling hasContinue reading “Five Ways to Encourage Children to journal”

Make room for storytelling, memoirs of faith as a spiritual practice

My father’s side of the family is especially good at storytelling.  I don’t know what it is about those LaGuardias, but their stories can captivate people for hours. It’s probably my Grandpa’s influence.  I remember attending barbeques (“grilling out” in the South) as a child and listening to him for hours as he told storiesContinue reading “Make room for storytelling, memoirs of faith as a spiritual practice”