A Reading Life (prt 12): An Impasse and Seasonal Affective Disorder

By Joe LaGuardia A Reading Life is a blog series focused on the literature that has shaped my life and call to ministry. Find the introduction here. I must apologize, everyone. I have not been in the mood to read or write lately. I blame it on the recliner and cold weather. My cat mayContinue reading “A Reading Life (prt 12): An Impasse and Seasonal Affective Disorder”

A book can save someone’s life

I admire the Gideons and their faith, for theirs is the belief that just by picking up a Bible and reading it a life can be saved. For many Christians, the Bible is a powerful source of inspiration. It is God’s Word. For folks throughout Christian history, however, the Bible is not the only bookContinue reading “A book can save someone’s life”