Turn Anxiety, Restlessness into Prayer (part 1)

By Joe LaGuardia Because I love Zion, I will not keep still.  Because my heart yearns for Jerusalem, I cannot remain silent.  I will not stop praying for her until her righteousness shines like the dawn…O Jerusalem, I have posted watchmen on your walls; they will pray day and night, continually.  Take no rest, allContinue reading “Turn Anxiety, Restlessness into Prayer (part 1)”

Moving On: An Ascension Sunday Reflection

By Joe LaGuardia I once watched my father knock his brother half-way across a boxing ring with a single right cross. I saw it on one of those old black and white films, homemade from some ancient camera and later transferred to a DVD.  There they were, sparring: My dad, the short, stocky 18-year oldContinue reading “Moving On: An Ascension Sunday Reflection”