The Holy Spirit is with us always

When Jesus gave his “Farewell Speeches” beginning in John 14, he assured his disciples that they will never be alone.  Rather, God will send the Holy Spirit–the “advocate”–to be with them always. This season will be a difficult one for many people who face loss or loneliness.  According to statistics as reported in the WallContinue reading “The Holy Spirit is with us always”

All who suffer loss will face–and contend with–the “firsts”

Another October is almost over, and I can’t help but to be excited about Halloween coming up in several weeks.  It’s one of my favorite holidays.  There’s something about the fun and fantasy, the candy and candlelight, the storytelling and lure that gets me as giddy as my five-year around this time of year. I’mContinue reading “All who suffer loss will face–and contend with–the “firsts””