Hymnody and Liturgy, the undercurrents of Christ’s Church

By Joe LaGuardia Did you know that the pulpit in the sanctuary of First Baptist Church of Vero Beach is not the original pulpit?  That pulpit is in storage.  When I first came to First Baptist, the “powers that be” gave me a choice between three pulpits: the one in the sanctuary, the original one,Continue reading “Hymnody and Liturgy, the undercurrents of Christ’s Church”

The Mystics and the “Middles” of Life

By Joe LaGuardia I attend a Baptist pastor’s meeting every so often in which we have a time of prayer, as well as listen to a one-hour presentation from a guest speaker. There is always a speaker, and although it is meaningful, we are never left to talk among ourselves—to share, to compare notes, toContinue reading “The Mystics and the “Middles” of Life”