The Light shines in the darkness…

One of our deacons asked her 97-year old grandmother what she thought was the most important change in culture over the last century.  Her grandmother said electric lighting. That got our deacon–and us, her Sunday school class–to think about what life was like before electric lights. Sure, there were candles and lanterns in the old days.Continue reading “The Light shines in the darkness…”

God’s Gift of Grace (John 8:2-12)

Text: John 8:2-12 Title: “God’s Gift of Grace” I. She tried to leave before sunrise as conspicuously as possible.  She even wore those big sunglasses that the famous celebrities wear when they try to avoid the media.  But it was as if they were trying to trap her, as if they had known.  She feltContinue reading “God’s Gift of Grace (John 8:2-12)”