Easter Justice and a thirst for righteousness

  One of last things Jesus said before he died on the cross was, “I thirst.”  It is hard to imagine the very Savior who promised a woman by the well (John 4) everlasting water being thirsty, but he was.  Perhaps there is a deeper meaning to this illusive Easter text. We live in aContinue reading “Easter Justice and a thirst for righteousness”

7 Lessons of Lent, and the road to Easter

By Matt Sapp Many churches that use the Lectionary texts of the Christian calendar have ventured through the Gospel of Luke during Lent.  At our church, Heritage Fellowship, we’ve been highlighting lessons that Jesus teaches us about God along the way. I know it can be hard to keep up with what we’ve been doingContinue reading “7 Lessons of Lent, and the road to Easter”