Bringing Reconciliation in a Divided World

Several weeks ago the results of a major mid-term election allowed Republicans to take the Senate, incumbents to get the boot or barely hold on to their seats, and pundits to have a field day diagnosing the issues related to campaigns and candidates alike. While people surmised why votes went one way or another, nearly every local election made oneContinue reading “Bringing Reconciliation in a Divided World”

On the Lord’s Prayer (part 2/3)

Last week’s article was the first of a three-part study of the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).  The Lord’s Prayer, so familiar and comforting to all of us, is one that presents us with both a challenge and a choice.  Will we do things God’s way or our way? The last article took a broad view of the prayer, settingContinue reading “On the Lord’s Prayer (part 2/3)”