Premier Bibles are in Fashion

By Joe LaGuardia Several weeks ago, I discovered the esoteric, slightly geeky, intensely interesting world of “premier Bibles.”¬† I have been a Bible nerd for some time–researching various translations and study Bibles, perusing bookstores for editions and bindings–but I learned only recently that a world like this–with its specialty sewn bindings, hand-stitched leather, and fancyContinue reading “Premier Bibles are in Fashion”

The year of the Bible [translations]

As the 400th birthday of the King James Version comes and goes this year, several new Bibles are hitting stores to offer “fresh” translations to a timeless word. ¬†Whether these newbies will find a captive audience and dominate the Bible market as did the KJV is yet to be determined. Regular readers of my columnContinue reading “The year of the Bible [translations]”