Job’s 4 Lessons for Redeemed Living

By Matt Sapp Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, estimated that as many as 10,000 American churches would close their doors in 2013, a number that is forecasted to grow each year for the foreseeable future. The church in America is facing unprecedented pressure as culture shifts and church attendance and givingContinue reading “Job’s 4 Lessons for Redeemed Living”

Gratitude is a first step in confronting the whys of suffering

At some point in life every person must pass through the rigors of doubt and darkness. The most likely crucible of theological wrestling contends with the question of why evil, suffering and hardship befall a world created by a good God. When we try to explore possible answers to this question honestly, solutions are nearlyContinue reading “Gratitude is a first step in confronting the whys of suffering”