Saving art, saving faith

In the World War 2-era movie The Monuments Men, a small platoon of art scholars go behind enemy lines to save art stolen by the Nazis. Their mission is to retrieve some of the greatest works of civilization before the lost pieces go either to Hitler’s Nazi museum or the incinerator. In a moving speech, theContinue reading “Saving art, saving faith”

St. Patrick, forgiveness, encourages interfaith work

By Joe LaGuardia The life and ministry of St. Patrick teaches us about being a hospitable Christian presence in a diverse culture. The mention of St. Patrick reminds people of green derbies, four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, and Guinness pints.  The real story of St. Patrick is more captivating. St. Patrick was a young boy when Celtic raiders looted his villageContinue reading “St. Patrick, forgiveness, encourages interfaith work”